About Wyre Glass

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About Wyre Glass

Founded in 2012, Wyre Glass is the glass factory specialized in developing and producing high quality glass components for the field you are involved in,especially in the lighting field.

If you are looking for a professional custom glass products with excellent service and quality, this is definitely the place to be. It is our goal to drive our business by helping more clients in glass products industry. And we can help you stand out from the market.

Pressed / Molded Glass

With many senior engineers who focus on technology development. Its greatest advantage is that different kinds of glass making processes can be perfectly integrated here.

Molded glass is a form of glass made by pressing molten glass into a mould by using a plunger. Mostly used in the production of outdoor lighting products.

Handblown Glass

Glass  mouthblowing is a glass forming technique that have used to shape glass in unique design. The technique consists of inflating molten glass with a blowpipe to form a sort of glass bubble, that can be molded into lighting components or glassware purposes by using mold.

Float Glass

It has successfully helped many big customers complete their special designs and found a right way of making them to realize Win-Win.

In addition to a wide variety of custom glass products; indoor lights, outdoor lights, industrial lights, boat lights, airport signal lights ….. Also includes glassware, glass displays dome, flat glass etc.

Create Your Own Design

To make your glass projects come true.