Luxury Glass Handblown 100% Recycle Custom

Creating Glass Components that Belong to Your  Industry

Luxury Glass Items

  With the rise of custom decoration glass parts, many consumers 
Wyre glass has been   specializing in the field of glass components, especially in the luxury industry.
Which produce the glass components  in different shapes, materials, colors and effects according to the customer’s requirements.
For example, transparent, opal white, colored, painting, sandblasted, acid , shiny, electroplated etc.
  We are always trying our best to meet the requirements of different customers in the custom industry.
We look forward to helping you to customize your unique product.

Create Your Luxury Speical Design

As long as you are in need of products in glass material.

No matter what feild you are in and which kind of products you are looking for.

We fully understand your design and have full confidence to make it come true.