Glass Components Pressed & Molded 100% Recycle Custom

Creating Glass Components that Belong to Your  Industry

Industrial Lighting Glass Items

For decades, Wyre Glass has been a strong partner in the manufacture of technical glass to meet the demanding challenges of chemical laboratories and facilities and other explosion-proof areas.

Due to its resistance to chemical attacks, temperature shocks and mechanical impacts, glass is an indispensable component in almost all industries worldwide. In qualified and independent testing laboratories, our finished products are analysed to check compliance with international norms or other individually defined product standards. On request, we provide these test certificates with each shipment.

This glass can withstand high temperatures and high pressures, depending on the installation conditions.

We pay attention to our customers’ requirements in terms of design, glass specifications and surface finishes.

Create Your Design

As long as you are in need of products in glass material.

No matter what feild you are in and which kind of products you are looking for.

We fully understand your design and have full confidence to make it come true.